Since 2011, Madison Strategies Group's award-winning team has improved the lives of two New Yorkers EVERY DAY, over 5,000 in total. By giving a little, you can change a lot in our candidates' futures.

Madison Strategies Group is a non-profit organization that was founded on the idea that while everybody has a unique story, not everyone is equipped with the tools to make it into a success story. Through our innovative trainings, strategic coaching, and targeted referrals to quality employers, we provide a wide range of underserved individuals-- immigrants, formerly incarcerated youth, homeless families-- with the tools to redefine their past and reinvent their futures through career creation. 

Our candidates have the potential to affect major change-- Both in themselves, and in others.
Click here or watch the video below to learn how one candidate, Tameka Reynolds, became an MSG staff member who recently won an industry-recognized Outstanding Frontline Staff Award.

Over 300 New Yorkers like Tameka have successfully completed our training programs this year alone, enabling them to begin paying rent, afford groceries, and build sustainable careers. However, we can’t continue to empower our candidates without your help. Many of our new Career Candidates are homeless or unemployed, can’t access the internet, and lack the money to afford even a haircut. In order to get our Career Candidates on the right path, we urgently need to increase our ability to provide support services in these areas.

This holiday season, we want to empower 20 additional Career Candidates. Help us raise $60,000 to fund more classes so we can lift our candidates out of poverty and provide them with a bright start to 2018.
What your donation does for our Career Candidates:
  • $5: Helps with Metrocard fare to get candidates to and from job interviews
  • $20: Pays for a training week’s worth of lunch in our re-entry program  
  • $50: Helps with professional interview attire for 1 candidate 
  • $100:  Helps pay for the first month's commute to a new job
  • $500: Pays for 3 immigrants’ diplomas to be accredited here in the US
  • $1000: Pays for crucial technology updates to our job search lab
  • $3000: Pays for a candidate's entire journey through Madison Strategies Group 

Every dollar can do more than you think when you team up with Madison Strategies Group. Help us in our fight to end poverty through career creation by donating today.